Mike Anderson

Born 1958, Mike Anderson is an experienced and skilled driver, having competed at a high level of motorsport for many years. Having passed his driving test on 20th March 1976 his first foray into rallying was the Tour of Anglesey in November 1976.

Mike’s rally cars to date include:

Mini Cooper 1071 S fitted with 1275 S engine
Opel Kadett 1196 saloon
Talbot Sunbeam 1.6Ti
Triumph TR7 2.0litre
Mazda 323 1.3 litre
Ford escort RS2000 x 2
Vauxhall Nova SR Group N
Vauxhall Nova Sport Group A
Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 litre
Subaru Impreza Group N
Subaru Impreza group A P1
Porsche 2.0S
Porsche 3.0 Litre RS
Triumph TR8 3.5 Litre
Mk 1.3 litre Indy Hyabusa
MK Indy RR 1.3 litre Hyabusa

The latest car for Anderson Motorsport is a Ginetta G50 GT4 3.7 Litre.

The Beginning.

My 1st rally car was a 1966 1071 Cooper S Mini purchased for £50 between myself and an apprentice mechanic friend. The plan was to share the car on various night rally events which were the norm in the UK at the time. The car at sometime in its life had been fitted with a 1275 S engine and was actually very quick for its age. The biggest problem was that the bodywork was in a very bad state and in need of much work. The next 6 months was spent working on the car most nights and at weekends, to make it roadworthy. By November the car was finished and I was the first to compete. We chose an event running in November, the TOUR OF ANGLESEY, a Motoring News round so quite a big event with over 100 cars. As we were a true beginner we were seeded last car on the road.

I set off at a blistering pace thinking I was Roger Clarke, which I definitely was not. No experience at all but thought I was the fastest man on the road. I didn’t even complete the first special stage, coming off the road over a brow, the road went right and I went straight on landing in a farmers field. End of the rally and the car! So badly damaged it was un-driveable. We had to spend the whole night in the car until next morning when the farmer who owned the field woke us up to tow us out… with his tractor. It seems it was a regular occurrence, the local priest having done the same thing only a week before!

I was hooked!

Over the next 3 to 4 years I entered as many events as I could afford to, holding down 4 jobs to pay for it.

From memory I believe I competed in as many as 96 events between 1977 and 1984, winning the Club Road Rally Championship in 1981.


I decided to try my hand at circuit racing and secured a drive with a private team running two BMW M3 saloon cars and entered a number of British Touring Car rounds with some success, finishing in the top 5 in most events. In 1984 I decided to call an end to the circuit car racing as to be honest I found racing a little boring and not as challenging as Rallying.


My best year… I managed to gain a supported drive with a Vauxhall dealer in north Manchester (Grimshaw’s of Prestwich) in a Production Class Nova SR in the BTRDA Gold star national championship. The problem was that all the rounds, 8 in total, were held in the famous forests throughout Britain and I’d never competed on gravel before so it was a complete new beginning for me.
The season started well with a top 5 finish on the first event and I improved considerably gaining experience driving on the “loose”. I took to it like a duck to water and finished the year winning the 1300cc Production Championship. That year I also entered the Lombard RAC Rally after the championship along with a friend and the two of us were going to share the drive. We ended retiring from the event after day 2 with a broken drive shaft.


As a result of doing so well in 1985 I was provided with a new car for 1986, a full works Group A Nova Sport a much more powerful car than the production car of 1985. Again we entered the BTRDA Gold Star Championship but this time in the Group A category. This was the final year of the supercar Group B category – they were outlawed at the end of 1986 due to a number of high powered crashes and fatalities that year.

The championship was going really well and we went into the last round of the season leading. We only needed to finish in the top 5 to secure an overall win, and the chance of a full works supported drive in 1987 with dealer team Vauxhall. Because 1985 went so well I managed to secure some good sponsorship from Esso, Pirelli and a local radio station, Piccadilly Radio (Now Key 103).

The last round of the championship started well. Holding the lead for the first half of the event but just after half way the engine, which as a result of not being rebuilt at all throughout the year, decided to give in and we holed a piston. I finished the last four stages on 3 cylinders and in 8th place. Disappointingly this relegated me to 3rd in the championship, missing out on a win by 2 points.

Due to yet another successful year racing I gained a sponsored entry to compete in the 1986 Lombard RAC again but with a good chance of promoting myself amongst national and works teams. Vauxhall themselves entered a team of three cars as did Citroen, Toyota and Skoda. I drove really well on the first day of the Lombard, leading the class as a privateer ahead of all the works teams, but on day two we had to retire because the rear axle stub snapped whilst at full speed through Dalby forest in north Yorkshire… the rear wheel passing me as we were going down a long straight. End of Rally and really the end of a promising career.


I did compete in a couple of events in 1987 in cars loaned to me by one or two manufacturers, Colt being one, but I’d come to the point where funds had run out and my future living was in need of a decision.

For the next 15 years I concentrated on my career.

1988 to 2002

No competition, just concentration my career.


After several years away from motorsport and rallying I was invited to compete at an event in North Wales but not having a car I needed to hire one, an old Mitsubishi Evo. The very first one used by the likes of Per Eklund, the one with 4 wheel steering. A very heavy car and a handful to say the least. Not a great result but I again caught the bug to compete. Hooked again.

Over the next 5 years I bought and used a number of different cars including a Mk2 Ford Escort 2.0 litre and a couple of Subaru Imprezas with some degree of success. I then decided to turn my hand to classic rallying, which had really grown within the UK and become probably the most competitive championship running then and now. I bought a Porsche 2.0 litre S but found it very underpowered.


I acquired a Porsche 3.0 litre, prepared by Francis Tuthills Porsche. I entered the Tour Britannia that year, an event that had run in the 70’s as the Tour Of Britain. The Tour of Britain pitted rally drivers against racing drivers and the last time it ran was in 1976 with the likes of James Hunt and Ari Vatenan competing. Ari was an up and coming star then and won the event that year following James Hunt’s demise, James being co-driven by TV presenter Noel Edmunds.

I finished 2nd overall on the event behind another Porsche, along with other good finishes that year; 3rd on the Manx international (Isle of Man); 2nd on the Tour of Flanders (Belgium); 1st in the Classic category of the British National Historic Championship of 2009 in the Porsche.


A change of scenery was considered and having spent many years holidaying in Spain I thought it a good idea to try alternate lands.

I dragged the Porsche over to southern Spain storing it in Marbella, with a view to entering some events in the sunshine. I entered the Porsche into the Costa Almeria Rally, with a pleasant surprise result of 5th overall!

Next up was a race at the Guadix race circuit near to Granada, with an outright win against much more modern cars, mostly TVR’s with twice as much horsepower.

Straight after this race day we dragged the car across to Ubrique in the Andalusia National Park district. This was my first entry into Spanish Hillclimb events (Subida’s), and probably one of the best known – 90 competing vehicles and 90,000 spectators over the whole weekend period. Awesome mind blowing stuff!

The Subida (meaning ‘rise to’ in Spanish) Ubrique event is the opening event to the Spanish National Hillclimb Championship and the opener of the European Hillclimb championship, so great competition with various types of cars, modern tourist, specials, GT’s, Classics, and historics. We entered the Historic category, my Porsche being FIA homologated and manufactured before the end of the year 1975. A great weekend and result 2nd Historic, very pleased.

I was hooked on Spanish hillclimb events and wanted to compete in more throughout the year so looked to see what championship would suit me best. I competed in northern Spain, Galicea, and a couple of other events elsewhere without any real plans. I found that one of the best championships was indeed the Andalusian Montana (Hillclimb) championship so in 2011 I returned the Porsche to the UK and purchased a cheap kit car, an MK fitted with a Hyabusa motorbike engine, similar to a Caterham.

The car was quite quick but not very well set up for competition, running standard road suspension and brakes, but I thought “give it a go, get to know the events, get some practice in through the year and look to upgrade the car for 2012″.

I had a good run in 2011, effectively finishing 5th in the championship but no points scored as it turned out that the car was ineligible as a result of no homologation papers. I decided to have an all out go to win the championship in 2012 and as such had a completely new MK kit car built for this purpose, lighter, quicker with better brakes and suspension.

The problem we had was to have the car approved to score points for the championship, which was difficult at first and took until after the first event of the calender to achieve, so no points scored on that event. If I had have scored we would have won the championship at the first real attempt, we ended up second only a mere handful of points behind the winner. I won 3 of the events outright over the year finishing second on all others. Not Bad!

A number of new hill climb records set in the process.

2013 to date

Again we entered the Andalusian Hillclimb championship, using the same car.

The first round, The Subida Algar, terrible rain on the Saturday and when driving an open top car this is a problem… not being able to see much further than the hand in front of your face from the weight of the rain falling and the spray from the open wheel configuration on the car – I only managed 4th place, a bit disappointed. Sunday thankfully was very different, it was sunny and brought me a win, much better.

2nd event, Ubrique – Saturday broken suspension so no finish and no points. Sunday repaired the car and went out to manage a second position, so back on track.

My main and really only competition in 2013 turned out to be the 2011 national champion, driving an ex-cup racing Porsche 997 GT3, quite a formidable opponent.

3rd event – Subida Aracelli, a new event to the championship and as such not known to anyone. Saturday I achieved a win by a slim margin over the Porsche driver, Aznar by only 0.1 seconds. Sunday we changed places I was second to Aznar again by only a small margin 0.2 seconds.

2013 turned out to be a battle between the two of us and both ex-national champions – it was going to be a close run thing.

4th event Colmenar – Aznar, I achieved wins on both Saturday and Sunday by slim margins, less than 0.5 seconds on both days.

Aznar now has taken the Lead in the championship.

5th event – Subida Lanjaron, a new round in the championship and the first time in fact it has ever run. Wins for me on both Saturday and Sunday by over 3 seconds each day so back on track and the points tally… now 37 points between us, with Aznar still Leaings.

Next round Subida a La Mota, September – beaten into second place on both Saturday and Sunday by Aznar in the Porsche, the championship has slipped out of my fingers by this point.

In October the event is Subida a Vejer – I won and set a new hillclimb record in the process. I now cannot catch Aznar and as the Ginetta is now ready and has been delivered to Spain I decided to use it for practice purposes and to see how the car performs. 3rd overall was not a bad result with the new car. (By the way Aznar also brought a different car, his Audi A4 Ex-DTM)

The last event in November was the Subida a Marmol in Macael, Aznars local and home event! He brought his Audi DTM and destroyed all competition.

2014 Intentions

Spanish National Hillclimb championship. 8 rounds… 5 in mainland Spain, 2 in the Canary Islands and 1 in Portugal.

Production Class Nova SR
1985 Grimshaws Vauxhall Nova SR

1985 Mike Anderson Rallying

Lombard RC Rally

Maike Anderson Rallying

1986-Lombard RAC Rally

Mike Anderson - Tour Brittania Rally

Mike Anderson TVR V8 Rally Car

Mike Anderson Hill Climb Porsche

Anderson Motorsport Porsche 911 Hillclimb

Mike Anderson Hillclimb Win - MK Kit Car